Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Down the Coast

I'm finished with my 10" x 20" oil painting now, in spite of feedback from a fellow artist who thinks the tree on the left and the path on the right in the foreground are distracting him from being able to stay settled in the distance, and in the past I've had feedback of people being stuck in the distance . . . go figure. (Image now appears in the post below) Since it's my world here, I like the playfulness of the unfinished tree as a place to ponder and take off from. I photographed this on an overcast day and got great color representation. I'm contemplating a project for the Deja Vu show, wondering what I might recycle.


Andrew Leone said...

I like how it turned out!

Donna Grant said...

Thanks Andrew. I am excited about the color. I feel I'm venturing onto new ideas.