Monday, April 30, 2012

Art Update: Pysanky Eggs, ala Donna

Egg Mandala
Bittern Egg
If you have been wondering what has been occupying my creative energies lately, this is it! I was recently introduced to Pysanky, the Ukranian method of "writing" on eggs with a stylus that employs wax to resist color, similar to batik.

traditional division, new addition
I adapt traditional elements and geometric divisions and depart to create each unique design.

Seascape Egg
Hailstorm Egg

 I am exploring the egg as a canvas for my visions usually created with oil paint on canvas, as well as what I do in my beadwork.


Eggs on the drying rack after applying varnish
Darks and Bright
My first Pysanky: March 10, 2012
It is my intention to keep working on these eggs to see how much can be done with them. I hope to do a series for the Fourth Annual 50/50 show if I am lucky enough to get accepted.