Monday, February 22, 2010

Works in Progress

I've been back in the studio working on unfinished pieces. Since the weather was stormy again, I was inspired to paint in the more monochromatic palette required for my 16" x 20" Windblown Gulls painting above that was started in November 2009. It will soon be complete. My past two paintings were quite bright and springlike.

The painting above is in a primitive, raw and early electric stage and is in major need of refinement. I'm creating this piece for my husband to replace a painting I sold that was a favorite of his I did in acrylics many years ago. This 24" x 36" canvas is a larger piece with different proportions from the first version.

The above piece is a 12" x 12" canvas that was a rough study in acrylics I painted years ago that I am reworking with oils. I was toying with putting this "recycled" painting in the Deja Vu as a recycled canvas, but somehow, that alone didn't seem worthy of the theme. This painting is almost complete.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Really finished!

Okay, now . . . Since I asked for and listened to feedback about this painting, I re-worked parts that were disturbing to some, and have come up with this revision. Now it is definitely complete.
I hope everyone loves it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Down the Coast

I'm finished with my 10" x 20" oil painting now, in spite of feedback from a fellow artist who thinks the tree on the left and the path on the right in the foreground are distracting him from being able to stay settled in the distance, and in the past I've had feedback of people being stuck in the distance . . . go figure. (Image now appears in the post below) Since it's my world here, I like the playfulness of the unfinished tree as a place to ponder and take off from. I photographed this on an overcast day and got great color representation. I'm contemplating a project for the Deja Vu show, wondering what I might recycle.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

And the beat goes on: Progression of a painting

First day of painting with areas blocked in with warms and cools and darks and lights with basic compositional masses.
Second day of painting: I start bringing in details of the background areas.
On the third day of painting I correct some of the background shapes and details and start working into the foreground areas.
Forth day of painting: I began adding hues in the foreground and detail shrubbery. I have resolved some compositional concerns. Now I need to finish up with more texture, contrast, and probably more chroma and the detail of the shrubs in the foreground.
Thinking I had finished on my fifth day of painting (above)
After deciding I was finished, I decided to listen to what you had to say and I made adjustments. The color is not quite true in this photo, however you can see the compositional adjustments and hue changes.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

Today I dropped off my entry for Arts on Fire then worked on this oil painting above. I think I should be able to complete it in a few more painting sessions.