Sunday, February 7, 2010

And the beat goes on: Progression of a painting

First day of painting with areas blocked in with warms and cools and darks and lights with basic compositional masses.
Second day of painting: I start bringing in details of the background areas.
On the third day of painting I correct some of the background shapes and details and start working into the foreground areas.
Forth day of painting: I began adding hues in the foreground and detail shrubbery. I have resolved some compositional concerns. Now I need to finish up with more texture, contrast, and probably more chroma and the detail of the shrubs in the foreground.
Thinking I had finished on my fifth day of painting (above)
After deciding I was finished, I decided to listen to what you had to say and I made adjustments. The color is not quite true in this photo, however you can see the compositional adjustments and hue changes.


Andrew Leone said...

Its great to see the work in progress like this. Good for teaching!

Donna Grant said...

Wayne Jaing is also doing this on his Facebook with his new painting. I think it is good. It also is a good reference to see what one might "undo"!