Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 New Work: Containment

This is a photo montage on canvas that is 48"h x 30w" that will be shown in the "Something Edgy" show opening at the Sanchez Art Center on January 13, 2012. At the moment the piece is untitled. I'm still thinking of a name. 

After several good ideas of names for this piece including "Something Ajar" "In Case of Edginess, Break Glass" Flowering Inferno" Twist of Fate" and "Don't Extinguish the Fire Within" from friends, I decided to call this "ContainmenFire Within".


artemisdancer said...

"Don't extinguish the fire within"

Donna Lion Grant said...

We are on the same wavelength! I was thinking "Fire Within" before reading your comment. I love the lock on the box and the interrelationship of objects - focus, out of focus/clear glass, frosted glass/ and the helix wire connecting the shapes. I had also thought "safety glass" and am thinking "contained embers" or something like that.

artemisdancer said...

I am not surprized that we share similar thoughts, inspirations or ideas. Great minds think alike, we also have a lot of shared history. Glad we do. Blessings my sister of the West.