Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Warrior Workshop

I arrived in Crockett on Friday afternoon for Randall Sexton's Weekend Warrior Figure Painting Workshop on February 5 – 6. I had fun taking photos in this old "sugar" and "oil" town that is home to the C&H sugar processing plant, and is adjacent to the oil refineries in Rodeo at the base of the Carquinez Bridge. It is scenic to say the least!

The Workshop at was held at Randall Sexton's studio. Randy is an accomplished painter and a great teacher. I took this workshop since I had not done any work from models since college in the mid '70's, so my focus was process and practice rather than product. It was great to get back into working from the human model.

Our first model was a lovely male with beautiful angles. He moved his body like a dancer, and his arms were like wings. His poses were inspired.

We began the first day with quick 10 minute poses that we wiped off our boards for practice. We continued with 20 minute poses through the morning. I think the painting below is my favorite painting.

After lunch we had a female model who beautiful features and stunning skin tones who was a completely new form to learn through paint. The first painting below does not begin to do her justice.

These 40 minute poses allowed more time to do better drawing and get better color.
Our second day began with new model we worked with all day. She started with one 20 minute pose, below.
I struggled to master her interesting face on the painting below that was the remainder of the morning.

After lunch we did a second long pose with the clothed model. I did a better job capturing her likeness here.

All 13 participants in the workshop had a terrific time honing their skills, and getting to know each other in Randy's bright studio with terrific tunes during that Superbowl Sunday that reached 74 degrees! I look forward to attending workshops with Randy in the future.

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