Saturday, May 15, 2010

Preparing 50 Panels

I've been preparing my panels for my artwork for the 50/50 show. I begin painting on Monday and want to have as many panels prepared as possible. Ideally I wanted all 50 completed before I began painting, but that seems unrealistic at this point. I have cut unprimed canvas that I am gluing onto each panel, wrapping the sides, then am priming each panel. I 'm experimenting with some high grade house paint primer as gesso. I'll let you know how that works out. I have real gesso that I may use for a second coat.

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teresa stieben said...

I have found using house paint not a good idea especially since finding out that it has a way shorter life span than artists paints. Best to stick with artist gesso. I had some paintings I used house paint on as a base some years back and regret it since after a show they came back with small areas missing color. It seems the paint does not bind securely to house paint and upon researching it after the fact I now know why. Live and learn, but hopefully by passing the information on other artists looking for less expensive alternatives will be saved from later grief.