Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Inspiration

Today I hiked from Vallemar out around the water treatment plant across the hills of Mori Point looking for new inspiration. It was a lovely day and there were quite a few hikers out, but still peaceful enough for me to find my own quiet connection with my surroundings.

It almost seemed like spring with the willows beginning to form buds.

Above Mori Point I found new horizons for new art.
It was a revitalizing walk.

Old concrete highway dividers, an enviornmental eyesore on beautiful Mori Point, became a canvas of textural painted sculpture against the natural backdrop. As beautiful as they are, they still look foreign against the eroding hillside above it. They seem to have been planted by aliens.

Speaking of aliens... well actually native frogs... I was completely baffled by invisible singing frogs. When I got to the spot where they seemed to be, suddenly the frogs became silent. I looked and looked and they were absolutely nowhere to be seen. Is it possible they were burrowed underground?

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