Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Small Works Show and Sale

At home, I am visualizing what my 8' space is going to be like, and how I can arrange my work for the show.

My actual hanging turned out nothing like the my original layout. My space held far more than I imagined, so I added more work. The photo above indicates the need for more work in my generous space, so I brought in another group of paintings. I decided to keep all my paintings $200 or less thinking that it is better to make a little money than no money in these difficult economic times. Normally I would sell my larger canvases for twice this amount or more. Take advantage of this great offer!

I am also promoting my Gourd Stitch Snake Necklaces. These are fun to wear and make great gifts!


sheilabythebeach said...

Thanks for the reminder about the show at The Sanchez. I'm looking forward to seeing your work in person!

Donna Grant said...
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donna Grant said...

Oops! Sheila, I really didn't mean to delete the comment. I missed you at the show. I was looking forward to meeting you. Maybe next time?