Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Everybody Loves Mori Point – New Work in Progress

I've been wanting to paint Mori Point for a long time but couldn't quite manage to haul my supplies there to do plein air work. I have taken lots of wonderful photos at Mori Point, and decided to reference those. Here is a 20" x 10" painting on canvasboard in progress.

These two oil paintings are details of Mori Point with surf. I've just started these and I plan to do them fast, keeping them fairly loose and a bit abstract. I'm working on these simultaneously. They are 10" x 8" on canvasboard.

Just to do something different, I've begun a portrait. I call this "The Wrong Dress". I was charmed by this rather serious little girl with porcelain skin who explained to me that her mom didn't want her to wear this dress to my niece's birthday party, but she has another one and she wanted to wear this. It's the first portrait I've done in oils in recent years. This has aspects that are wrong here, and I may just restart this one or move on! I find fast drying acrylic paint, that I used exclusively up until a couple years ago, much easier to handle for this type of work. I painted with oils at the SF Art Institute in the 70's when I worked much more slowly and was not as prolific.

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